45 Grave w/ The Scurvy Kids @ The Whisky 5-10-19

The Scurvy Kids oldest member is 21 years old, and they’ve somehow been a band for 12 years, do the math. These kids are a staple of the scene, and we’re joined on stage with living legends Rikk Agnew (Adolescents/Christian Death) and Dave Klein (Agent Orange, Bomboras). With Agnew and Klein they covered The Avengers “American In Me” (video clip above) and several Adolescents tracks. The circle pit went crazy to say the least.

45 Grave may be a few years past their prime technically, but they still have it! They played for an hour and a half, you got all the hits, and all the B-sides. They’ve been gracing the Whisky stage for 40 years now and Dinah commands the stage as such. Best surprise of the night was when Leanna Quigley (Trash from Return Of The Living Dead) joined them on stage for a rendition of their hit song Party Time.

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