Cadaver Pudding / The Pluralses Split EP “Everything’s Better Down Where It’s Wetter – A Deeply Erotic Odyssey”

There’s that side of punk rock we don’t always talk about. It’s always been there… you listen to it, we listen to it… It lurks in the shadows, the basements, and on Warped Tour main stages. I’m talking about the 1%ers of punkbands. The light in the darkness. The drunken jesters of the stage. The angry clowns of punk rock. I’m of course talking about the comedy acts; The Dickies, The Vandals, Angry Samoans, Peter and The Test Tube Babies, Dead Milkmen, etc. This record is for that kind of mood, when you need some loud punk rock, but don’t feel like changing the world much beyond cracking some beers, and running around with friends in a circle.

Cadaver Pudding is a 3 piece, dual lead singing melodic punk band from Riverside, CA. Their side of the split offers us 3 songs in 3 minutes, my kind of band! These tracks are quick, heavy, and fun. They’re definitely a so-cal punk band through and through. I hear hints of Guttermouth, Vandals, and Circle Jerks. Songs about motor boating booties (appropriately titled Buttsnorkling), getting infections (Monica Got Hep-C from Bum Pee), and losing loved ones to joints (I Lost My Boyfriend to a Preroll). 3 tracks of fun bubblegum hardcore Punk.

The Pluralses have the same format as Cadaver Pudding, 3 piece melodic hardcore punk with 2 singers… only they call Las Vegas home. And this side is 3 songs in 2 minutes! The first track Merman is a balls out dance party of a track that will have you singing along literally on your first listen. The next song is Fifteen, it’s a bad joke that is only going to age far worse over time. Something for a punk record of years past maybe? Even 90s Guttermouth never sang these words out loud thinking the punchline would be so good it negates it, but, it isn’t. Tummy Ache is about eating pussy to the point of having a tummy ache. This one will age fine, I can get behind this track. It’s more high energy poppy 3 chord goodness.

All in all, this is a really solid split. Both these bands are hysterical, and both these bands can play. All these songs are way harder, and way more melodic than the lyrics necessitate. For a musical version of Mad Magazine (RIP) you can easily circle pit to this ep.

Out now on all major digital platforms. Coming to CD October 11th!


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