King Archie – Demo-lition

California surf valley punks KING ARCHIE are the band you want playing every party, every single one. A fun mix of The Minutemen, Descendents, and the Dead Milkmen. 3 tracks coming in well under 4 minutes, this is tailor made for punks with ADD… that wanna dance!

The first track is a snotty tongue in cheek surfpunk number “Breath Like Death”. The song starts with a rad lil rhythm section fake out, it could pass as a disco track until the garage-y guitar kicks in. The intense drumming and apathetic vocals tie for VIP on this song.

The second track “Getting Fat” is an obvious homage to Bonus Fat era Descendents, it sounds like the missing track off that EP! – and coming it at a lengthy 38 seconds, it is fucking awesome. You’ll be solo circle pitting in your car or bedroom in no time.

The final track is “Brain”, a fun tight little dynamic number with a chorus of “I’ve got my brain in my pocket” which might be about their phone? Might not be… This is their epic coming in at almost a full minute and a half. A definite surf feel, and the chorus is infectious.

Tight in the right ways, sloppy where it’s meant to be, this EP is balls out suburban angst, and it’s catchy as hell. This EP is going to be stuck in your head, you’ve been warned!

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