Interview with Punks Against Dogfighting!

Punks Against Dogfighting is a benefit compilation releasing August 15th. We talked with founder Alex Feuer (A.K.A. Sugar from Guttural Riot) about the release. We got so behind this cause, that Up The Punx Magazine is actually co-releasing this badass comp!

Punx: What inspired you to do a benefit against dogfighting?

Dogs: I’m actually a bulldog owner. I got him when he was four weeks old through a shady character, who actually ended up being arrested for Dogfighting. That’s when i got passionate and pissed off over the whole cause. I wanted to do more than donate, i wanted to raise awareness. People know it goes on, but they don’t learn about it the right way. You don’t want to see Sarah McLaughlin commercials, and pictures of dogs torn to shreds on Instagram. I take this personally, and it bothers me to the core. I grew up in a household full of dogs, and have always been a dog lover. That’s when i decided to start Punks Against Dogfighting.

Punx: Why a punk compilation?

Dogs: I was trying to figure out the best way to raise awareness in a positive way. I also knew i wanted to use my band to help do that. Originally the idea was to start an Instagram and sell merch with the Punks Against Dogfighting logo to raise awareness. But then i wanted to take it a step further, i knew a lot more people felt like this. I thought it would be a good way to unite the punk rock community as well. There’s motherfuckers who say punk is dead, and i know its not. It felt like a way to build the community, and the community stepped up.

Punx: Where do the proceeds go?

Dogs: 100% of the proceeds go to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

Punx: Where will it be available?

Dogs: It’s currently available as a pre-order on Bandcamp, which will get you the first 5 tracks immediately (Guttural Riot, The Stifled, Go Betty Go, Animals And Children, War On Women). August 15th it will be available on major digital music platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc.)

Punx: Who did the artwork?

Dogs: The logo was done by Guttural Riot’s graphic artist Drew Hunter out in the UK (insta @kaptain_kaija) And the cover oddly enough was a random submission done by Ben Taft (@ b_t4ft) who also has a song on the compilation.

Punx: How many submissions did you get?

Dogs: I think we got a little over a hundred. We went through and listened to EVERY SINGLE SONG.

Punx: Was it hard to narrow down what bands to use?

Dogs: Yes, very hard. Originally we didn’t want to go over 20 songs, and it was SO hard, we still ended up going over that by 6 tracks.

Punx: It says Vol. 1 – Can we expect more from Punks Against Dogfighting?

Dogs: Yes! Absolutely. We’re going to keep doing this, we’re going to keep going. Some of those submissions will definitely carry over to Vol 2. and beyond. We’re currently even planning a Punks Against Dogfighting benefit show in Los Angeles, and i don’t want to spread rumors, but there just may be Punks Against Dogfighting shows popping up all over.

Punx: Any closing words?

Dogs: I just want to say a huge thank you to not only the bands on the comp, but every band that submitted. Everyone that supports this cause and what we’re doing. I think this is going to make quite the difference for these dogs in needs. And its so great to see the punk rock community to bond together. Thanks again and keep following us for more shit in the future.

The comp features songs from 26 bands including Guttural Riot, The Stifled, Go Betty Go, Animals And Children, War On Women, Original Son, Wolfpack Shred, The Mellowdicks, The Drained, Bazooka Sharks, A Crash Republic, I Hate People, Terminal City Rats, Louzy, Dee Skusting & The Rodents, Friendly Fire, Ben Taft, The Filthy Lowdown, Nothing Lost, Swine, RV Ugly, Saltykova, Massive Brain Damage, Basta, Loser Parade, and Down Not Out.

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