VNV Nation 4/25 Observatory OC Show Review

VNV is one of our favorite live shows here at Up The Punx. I’ve seen almost every tour since 2002, and they’re at the top of their game right now. Touring in support of their latest album “Electric Sun”

VNV is Ronan Harris. Writer, producer, singer, it’s his baby, no doubting that. But, the 3 piece backing band really does add to the experience. The first several times I saw VNV it was just Ronan and Mark, which worked, but the “full band” really does add to the experience.

I feel like Ronan may be a spin instructor in his downtime, as this guy knows how to get , and KEEP you fucking moving – “Don’t get tired on me now!” “Hands in the air!” “Shake those booties!” . Far more than you would hear from the standard goth performance to say the least. Also the amazing instruction “keep your phone in front of your face, don’t ruin it for the person behind you” One part synthwave concert, one part EDM club, one part group dance class, and a dash of a motivational TED Talk.

We were given a stellar mix of all eras of VNV. It can difficult as a fan when a band consistently puts out so many great albums – your favorite hits from years past have to get shuffled in and out. To not hear “Beloved” or “Perpetual” or “Genesis” can be a hard pill to swallow. But, you’re still getting a career defining twenty plus song set. Early works “Standing”, “Epicentre” off my favorite album Futureperfect, the emotional tide that is “Illusion”, the slow dance EDM love hit “Nova”. It was a perfect set from Ronan and the gang. Our booties were shook.

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