The Last Slam – Knitting Factory Noho’s Final punk show 12/29

Why can’t LA have nice things? The Knitting Factory Noho, located above the historic Federal Bar in North Hollywood is shutting it’s doors at the end of this month. But not without one last punk show.

They’re calling it The Last Slam and it features Luicidal (ft. EX-Suicidal Tendencies members,) Killroy, Das Klown (one of Up The Punx favorites that just reunited last month), The Generators, Sidekick, and Madam Bombs. Tix are available on ticketweb.

Only a year old, sad to see this all ages venue go. The Knitting Factory Noho brought in national acts that would otherwise be playing a 21+ bars to an all ages crowd, we hope they find a new location – and quick!

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