Informal Society – Dead Rats and Rotten Apples (No Edge Records)

Los Angeles street punk veterans Informal Society are back with a new EP from No Edge Records! This album is melodic as fuck for a street punk record! I feel like Hellcat would have swooped these guys up during the “Give Em The Boot” days. Three part harmonies, octave chords, and skatepunk breakdowns constantly remind you they’re more than a generic streetpunk band. The words will remind you of their roots though – these songs are for the drunken outcasts of the streets.

Vocals are gruff and angry, hints of Stiv and Stza, but without stealing either. The guitar is on point, usually 3 chords and an occasional solo when appropriate, always simple and effective. The bass was great, knowing exactly when to walk around and when to just hang around and Dee Dee Ramone some shit. I feel like the true MVP on this EP is the drummer though, he really takes this genre to the next level. I often hardly notice the drums on a punk record, these felt like an additional voice. All in all solid punk record start to finish, so crack open a 6 pack (or 5) and grab this EP now! Available digitally and physically from No Edge Records!

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