Dead 77 – Demons (Album Review)

Demons is the debut full length album from So Cal’s own Dead 77. This is a really solid record – tight, fast, and angry. From the breakneck speed of the opening track WLF (white line fever) this is a solid blend of spikey pogo punk, hardcore punk, and 90’s skatepunk. Melodic guitar lines, gang vocals, and two minute songs hit all the right spots. The vocals have some early Anti flag and AFI vibes. Also, guest vocals for “On Repeat” from Krum Bums / The Casualties singer / all around great fucking guy – David Tejas! This is a very easy on the ears well produced record, while still having all the energy and intensity of your favorite hardcore punk records. Snag the vinyl now from Dismantled records, and you can also find it available streaming everywhere!

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