LUICIDAL Recording Live Album 5/31 at The BLVD in Boyle Heights! (w/ Animals And Children)

The long anticipated live album from Venice punks Luicidal is being recordeded 5/31/19 in Boyle Heights at The BLVD! (2631 Whittier Blvd. Boyle Heights, CA 90023) Featuring support from Animals And Children, SMD, and Terrodactyl.


LUICIDAL featuring Louichi Mayorga and RJ Herrera from the Suicidal Tendencies playing all the hits: WAR INSIDE MY HEAD, I WANT MORE, WON’T FALL IN LOVE, SUICIDAL FAILURE AND MORE. Check out their latest album BORN IN VENICE (CLEOPATRA RECORDS).
Instagram: @LuicidalVenicePunks
Spotify: Luicidal

Animals And Children

Animals And Children is stripped down no frills hardcore punk. Where most bands would do an intro, they won’t. Quick and to the point, much like the Los Angeles punk rock they were raised on. Echoing the urgency and despair of Black Flag, The Germs, X, and the Descendents.
Instagram: @animalsandchildrenpunk
Spotify: Animals And Children

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