Infa Riot, Vicious Rumours, Doug & The Slugz, and Informal Society @ 5 Star Bar 5/22/19 (show review) I

This was a hell of a fucking Wednesday night!

Informal Society is on their way to Punk Rock Bowling. Their final set before they head out to Vegas to play the main stage, and they are ready. Blazing set, no time for words between songs. Highlights were their hits Drinking Problem and I Wanna Fuck, along with their stellar cover of Sonic Reducer.

Doug and the Slugz is Los Angeles’ first Oi band. These guys have been doing this since 83. The crowd was receptive to the hometown heroes as the pit was going the whole set. Doug looked super familiar and I realized he’s the lead singer of The Generators (and Schleprock) – these guys are definitely lifers, and definitely haven’t lost it, still owning the stage in their 50s. They played their hits Skinhead Faction , Power In Numbers, and Skinhead Life. They closed their set with a stellar cover of Chaos by the 4-Skins.

Vicious Rumours put on a solid support set. I wasn’t very familiar with them before this show to be honest, but I really enjoyed them and their songs One Thing On Our Minds and Moose On The Loose. They sure put the skins and punks into a dancing mood. A bit of their comedy and lyrics probably felt stronger in 1979 UK, but their music was still strong as can be in 2019 LA.

(Infa Riot performs Catch 22)

Infa Riot came balls out opening with Emergency. Fuck these guys sound just as good live as they do on their albums. These guys started at midnight, on a Wednesday after traveling from England, and still had energy and smiles for days. Lee Wilson is a hell of a frontman and you can tell he loves every minute on that stage. They played a few new tracks but they were instantly familiar, and all the hits – 5 Minute Fashion, Riot Riot, Catch 22, The Winner, Still Out Of Order… it was insane, like a greatest hits live.

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